Notioneer of the Week: William Nutt

June 3, 2020
Brett Chang

Tell us about yourself!

Now based in New York, I'm a proud native of North Carolina and graduate of the University of North Carolina.

Since joining my middle school's nerdy website club, I was destined for a career in digital media. I studied it in college, then joined the marketing team at the U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, D.C., where I applied my skills to support my passion for sustainability.

With a thirst for agency experience, I left USGBC for Bully Pulpit Interactive, a premier firm in D.C. Bully Pulpit afforded me the opportunity to learn from the industry's best and brightest while advising such influential brands as Walmart and The Brookings Institute.

When the time was right, I launched my own consultancy in New York. At Nutt Labs, I help brands of all stripes leverage digital media toward their unique goals. That typically includes wholly optimized websites, sophisticated email marketing and, more recently, Notion.

How did you first hear about Notion?

I first discovered Notion through Product Hunt, where it's one of the most upvoted products of all time. As I tend to do with new interests, I made a website about it, and it pretty quickly grew legs. Notion VIP has allowed me to grow a considerable audience, cultivate authority within the Notion community, and partner with Notion itself in a variety of capacities. The website also drives a steady flow of consulting opportunities with ambitious and fascinating Notion users.

Thus, what began as a passion project became a meaningful portion of my work at Nutt Labs. It's been an absolute thrill.

What's your favourite Notion hack?

Mostly for the reaction of other users, my favorite Notion hack is global blocks.

Can you share with us a template that you love?

As a sports fan, my favorite implementation of Notion is The NBA in Notion.

How can people reach you?

I'm on Twitter @WilliamNutt, and you can also reply to the Notion VIP newsletter.

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