Notioneer of the Week: Valentin Geffroy

October 23, 2020
Brett Chang

Tell us about yourself/your business

I'm Valentin, French freelancer specialized in Webflow and founder of Notion Everything. I'm mostly creating websites for small companies or startups in Europe and France. And on my free time, I'm developing Notion Everything to become the most complete platform about Notion (templates, tools, videos, consultants, and more).

How did you first hear about Notion?

I was working for a small Parisian Growth agency and I was living in Berlin. So we were a remote team and we need to organize to be efficient during our meeting and our days in general. Notion appears to be perfect to structure our meeting notes, our onboarding, our client dashboard. It was really fun to set up everything! 😃

What's the one feature you're dying to see in Notion?

I will not be original but the API. With it, it's gonna be amazing! We will connect our CRM, Google Agenda, or everything we want to Notion. It will be a game-changer!

Can you share a template with us that you love?

I would say the Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas created by Ali Rashidy. He did an amazing job to create something easy to use and to understand and so useful! And he's so nice!

How can people find you?

Either on twitter or on Notion Everything 😃

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