Notioneer of the Week: Haoming Yau

July 15, 2020
Brett Chang

Tell us about yourself/your business

Hi I'm Haoming Yau, a Salesforce solutions consultant & trainer based in London. I work with organisations to help them with implementing technology and systems that help them improve their processes and achieve their goals.

I was so impressed when I discovered Notion that I decided to create an online course on how it can help you with productivity.

How did you first hear about Notion?

I discovered Notion when I was looking around for a new task manager. I wanted to improve how I was planning projects, remembering things I have to do and be more focused on what's important.

I think I discovered it through the Keep Productive youtube channel. What appealed to me about it was the possiblity of only needing one application for tasks, notes and projects. Once I started exploring it further, I became even more excited about how much you can customise your workspace and what you could do with the application.

What's your favourite Notion hack?

The ability to relate a database item to another item in the same database.

This has allowed me in my personal setup to link pages with other pages through bi-directional tags. For example, I can tag a task with a project, context, goal or life area page. Then on a project, goal or life area page I can show all related tasks as well meetings, notes and resources through a linked database view as well as have these views as templates.

I use one master database for most things. It's allowed me to create a system that lets me capture and organise different types of information easily.

Can you share a template with us that you love?

I personally don't use other people's templates as I enjoy the process of creating my own from scratch. I really do like the idea though of the gamification templates created by Conrad Lin though. When I was younger, I really enjoyed computer games. I can see how linking productive work to a game could have helped motivate my past self to be more of a go getter.

How can people find you?

You can find out more about me, my course and see a video of my Notion set up at

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