Notioneer of the Week: Frances Odera Matthews

August 19, 2020
Brett Chang

Tell us about yourself/your business

Hi! I'm your average gen-z/millenial, based in the UK, and founder of  I love digging into popular culture, innovation & information management - but I am not a 'productivity guru'. Like most 'Notioneers' I do a little consulting and also make templates, however, I come at it from a more socially conscious angle.

As much as possible, I aim for the content I produce on the The Notion Bar to appeal to non-traditional audiences and/or make some social commentary. For example, over the past few months, I've produced a delivery manager template (since we're all ordering online during the pandemic); a growing black owned UK ecommerce directory (inspired by the recent peak of the global BLM movement) and most recently, a digital cv/resume (in response to the global economic downturn). There is a pretty decent diversity/inclusion issue in the tech world, and hopefully my work can help break down some of those barriers ✨

How did you first hear about Notion?

I was introduced to it at my last job and quickly fell in love!

What's the one feature you're dying to see in Notion?

I'm pretty into the 'aesthetics', so more of a general focus on this would be great. A great start would be infinite  colour options!

Can you share a template with us that you love?

In the spirit of mindfulness, I love this random quote generator - I incorporate the generator on mine & all my clients' homepages!

How can people find you?

Twitter: @fro_dera/ @thenotionbar& Instagram: @fro.dera / thenotionbar

Don't be afraid to reach out - I love meeting new people! ⚡

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