Notioneer of the Week: Alex Sherwood

June 24, 2020
Brett Chang

Tell us about yourself/your business!

I’m Alex aka aNotioneer. I’ve been part of the Notion community for over a year now, spending lots of time in the Notion Made Simple Facebook group.

I make templates and guides for Notion users, as well as helping clients with their projects as a consultant.

How did you first hear about Notion?

There’s a startup bank in the UK called Monzo and they mentioned that they used Notion in a blog post so I checked it out. As soon as I found out that Notion supported markdown text, links to headers and unlimited indents for bullet points, I was in love.

It’s funny because those things seem so trivial now and there’s other Notion features that are far more useful. But at the time I’d tried a lot of other productivity tools and they were so inflexible that Notion just seemed amazing in comparison.

What's your favourite Notion hack?

I recently found out that if you set the text colour of a toggle block and then put a linked database inside it, it’ll colour code the pages in that database automatically, to highlight urgent tasks in red, for example. You can see how that works in my Eisenhower Matrix template.

Can you share a template with us that you love?

I’ve just started using this template to track my online deliveries, which I’ve been making a scary amount of lately. It also includes a database of black owned online businesses from the UK, who I like to support. Plus I love the GIF.

How can people reach you?

You can find me at or @aNotioneer on twitter and instagram.

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